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Partnership Steps

Choosing a Product & Requesting Price

You can express interest in a product by clicking “Request Price” button.

Requesting Specific Feed Ration

If you want to request specific feed ration, please contact us from our “Contact” page.

Feedback From Us

After reviewing your request, our export team will get back to you with calculated prices and rations.

Order Placement

After successfully finishing a negotiation, a client is officially placing the order to Nutrimax.

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Transportation & Payment Methods

Mutually acceptable and internationally recognized payment method will be chosen

Order Preperation

 Preparation of the order usually takes up to 10-12 calendar days.

Shipment & Delivery

After preparation we ship the order to the place of destination. The lead time depends on the end location

Establishing Product on the Market

We will share our marketing and advertising experience to achieve the highest results.

Top Products

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Chicks Pre-Starter

Chickywin is used for feeding chicks during 1-7 days of life. During this period chick eats 170g of Chickywin and gains 160g live weight.


premix, corn, wheat, soybean meal, profish omega amino acids and vitamins


laminated polypropylene bag.


Five Months


25 kg


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1. Choosing High Quality Cereals & Premixes

Choosing high quality cereals and premixes is a crucial step in the production process. Since the establishment of Nutrimax, purchasing of cereals from the most reliable local suppliers and special laboratory check-ups are vital part of the process.

Premixes from our Dutch partner – Trouw Nutrition and additives from their trusted suppliers is the way to ensure having the highest quality cereals & premixes in our production chain.

2. Formulation of Rations

Formulation of rations is a second most important step in the production process to ensure the best productivity and maximum yield. With the use of high-tech software – “name of the software” our experienced team can formulate the best possible ration taken from the best-case practices from our partners all around the globe.

3. Cutting Edge Technology Feed Mill

Nutrimax owns the feed mill equipped with cutting edge technology to ensure advanced micro-dosing, pelleting, packaging and high-quality production process for ensuring homogenous mixing and maximizing productivity of the feeds for various poultry, animals and fish farming

4. Quality of Standards

Nutrimax holds ISO 22000:2005 standard certifying that Nutrimax has established and implemens Food Safety Management System (FSMS) for Animal feed and concentrate production.