1. Choosing High Quality Cereals & Premixes

Choosing high quality cereals and premixes is a crucial step in the production process. Since the establishment of Nutrimax, purchasing of cereals from the most reliable local suppliers and special laboratory check-ups are vital part of the process.

Premixes from our Dutch partner – Trouw Nutrition and additives from their trusted suppliers is the way to ensure having the highest quality cereals & premixes in our production chain.

2. Formulation of Rations

Formulation of rations is a second most important step in the production process to ensure the best productivity and maximum yield. With the use of high-tech software – “name of the software” our experienced team can formulate the best possible ration taken from the best-case practices from our partners all around the globe.

3. Cutting Edge Technology Feed Mill

Nutrimax owns the feed mill equipped with cutting edge technology to ensure advanced micro-dosing, pelleting, packaging and high-quality production process for ensuring homogenous mixing and maximizing productivity of the feeds for various poultry, animals and fish farming

4. Quality of Standards

Nutrimax holds ISO 22000:2005 standard certifying that Nutrimax has established and implemens Food Safety Management System (FSMS) for Animal feed and concentrate production.